Castles in the air

Tigtog at Hoyden about Town choses 8 dream homes, apparently the meme is in reference to the McCains’ eight (or so, no one seems to be entirely sure) homes. Anyway, it got me thinking, so I thought I might as well note down my thoughts…

1. Large, oldish villa in one of Trondheim’s quieter areas, preferably with a view of the fjord – Singsaker would be good, except it’s overrun by students on a regular basis, so I guess I’d go for someplace else.

2. A roomy cottage somewhere in Scotland, on an island or near the coast. On Skye, for example, conveniently close to L&P in Balmacara, or on Islay, conveniently close to Ardbeg and Lagavulin.

3. Edinburgh – a flat. Scotland street would be fun.

4. London – a bedsit would do, really. Who wants to spend time inside when in London? We’d need a big bed and a kitchen large enough for tea, coffee and bacon-and-eggs. Though come to think of it, a separate sleeping space for the lass would probably be nice. So now we’re talking two-bedroom apartment, aren’t we? Anyway, in Islington, Camden, Kensington, somewhere with good pubs nearby, but to be honest that sort of includes most of London. Still, it’s worth mentioning, I guess.

5. I’ve always wanted to try living in New York – in “the village” in particular – despite never having been and despite not really wanting to live in the US. So studio flat in the village it is.

6. Somewhere I could keep horses. Iceland would be fun. Possibly also quite cheap just now. This home would have to come with (a lot of) staff, as someone would need to take care of the horses when we’re not there.

7. Somewhere warm, but not too warm. A place that has a beach and which will mostly have temperatures of around 20-22 degrees celcius when we have minus ten here, somewhere to spend January and February.

8. A posh flat in one of the more interesting European cities, Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Vienna. We might change this one every other year or so…

Also, I think I’m probably overly ambitious, but I signed up for NaBloPoMo. Perhaps I can breathe som life into the 365 days thing at the same time. We’ll see.

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