Breast is best

Are you one of those who believe Nestlé when they say they have cleaned up their act? The Guardian has an excellent article on the subject. Read it.

According to Save the Children’s report, infant mortality in Bangladesh alone could be cut by almost a third – saving the lives of 314 children every day – if breastfeeding rates were improved. Globally, the organisation believes, 3,800 lives could be saved each day. Given that world leaders are committed to cutting infant mortality by two thirds by 2015 as one of the Millennium Development Goals, protecting and promoting breastfeeding is almost certainly the biggest single thing that could be done to better child survival rates.

And after reading all that you might want to check this out – including the list of all the brands owned or part owned by Nestlé. 

Disclaimer: If you’re a mother who has tried to get breastfeeding to work and for whatever reason failed, don’t worry about it. If you’re reading this, chances are you have access to clean water and that your budget allows for spending a little money on formula. 

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