Oh, Lord, save us!

No, that’s not blasphemy, that’s a heartfelt prayer.

I just found a link to these. Horses in heels. With tutus. Oh, how I hope they bomb like a piano falling from the fourth floor and are eradicated from the realm of toys – and advertising – before the lass grows old enough to start wanting things.

Horses in heels. *shakes head despondently*

I’ll take a few Disney princesses any day.

2 thoughts to “Oh, Lord, save us!”

  1. I wonder if Little Pony inspired this or was inspired by this? J has 2 LP’s with, well, not high heels but shoes, and not exactly tutus but a sort of cheerleader outfit. To her frustration, not all ponies fit the clothes, or vice versa.

  2. I think My Little Pony was here first, they’ve been around for eons – or at least twenty years or so. I kind of thought they were quite silly until I saw these and realised how much more silly it was possible to get.

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