Hazards of the dictionary

Engrish, part I

The Trondheim Martna has just come and gone. It’s a good source for amusement, especially if your idea of amusement is all the weird and wonderful products people come up with to try to get other people to fork over money. Also, because of the influx of “professional” stall holders from all over, its a good source of Engrish.

This has to be my all time favourite.  “Are you always the odd one out? Do you long to be one of the crowd, just another pink fluff oh-look-at-my-fake-disney-princess-phone girls? Then Blandness Girl is the brand for you!”

At the next stall they had Benign Girl. “Oh, you are so benign!” may not the compliment of every girl’s dream, but it has to be better than “Oh, you are so bland” any day. Still, we were amused.

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