If my head wasn’t screwed on..

Well, you know how it goes.

Take this morning, which was particularly bad, I grant you. I walk the lass to the childminder and say goodbye. Then I think about checking my mobile to see what time it is and whether I can amble to the bus stop or whether running is more the order of the day. And realise I can’t check the mobile, as it’s still by my chair at home. So I go back, say hi to hubby, get mobile, check it to confirm I might still make the bus if I run and run.

I get to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare and stand there waiting for a while, thinking how odd it is that my eyes haven’t yet cleared properly from the gunk* I put in before leaving home for the first time this morning.

Except I realise my eyes probably HAVE cleared, but as my glasses are still where I put them down to put said gunk in eyes, I’m still not going to see much. For a second I actually consider going to work without my glasses, but realise I’d have to move the computer screen to approximately 10 cm from my face in order to see anything, and so I sigh and head back.

Hubby, unsurprisingly, is amused.

I made the next bus without further mishap. At least so far as I know, I might have forgotten something else, but not something I’ve needed yet.

* gunk, also known as anti-eye infection salve

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