Bambi on ice

This weekend we were at the cabin in Finnskogen. And I saw something I’ve never seen before and probably will never see again, and which has to rate among the top three most absurd things I’ve ever seen (very possibly it’s THE most absurd thing I’ve ever seen, I certainly can’t think of any contenders off the top of my head).

Here goes: On Saturday we were driving from the cabin deep in the woods to my grandparents’ house not so deep in the woods. For the first part of the journey the road is almost-two-lanes and not very well travelled. It’s November, and almost winter, and that morning there were patches of ice on the road. My father – who was driving – came a little too fast into a turning where there was ice, and started to skid just a little. Just around the corner there’s a bloody great big moose in the middle of the road. Not the most unusual sight at Finnskogen, but enough to make us a bit jumpy considering the driver had less than perfect control over the car.  However, we obviously made the poor moose jump, too (what’s that they say: It’s more afraid of you than you are of it?), because he jumped, skidded and slid and…

landed on his ass and slid – back legs out to the side, front legs frantically scrabbling for a hold – across the road.

Now, seriously? I thought this sort of thing only happended in Disney pictures.

Once he got to the side of the road he got a hold, got onto all four legs again and stalked off, feeling, one must assume, really embarassed. “Jeeez. Did they have to come around the corner and startle me like that? I bet they’re laughing their heads off now.” We were. “It would be just my luck if they had a video camera running. I’ll be all over YouTube by this evening.” Well. We didn’t, unfortunately. I actually had my camera on my lap, but I was too flabbergasted to even think about taking pictures before it was way too late.

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