In other news

(Yes, it’s an actual post about something. Though, admittedly it’s not about anything terribly important.)

Martin went to Oslo today for three days of teaching (or is it “training”?) his fellow employees how to drink sweet sickly stuff (i.e. sherry and amaruhla and that sort of thing – not that I don’t occasionally enjoy a spot of sherry myself, though not so much just nowadays, obviously, this not drinking thing can be hard to stick to when tempted by unusual stuff but sherry is not what I miss most). So I’ve got the house to myself for two nights (actually more like three, he’ll only be back in time for bed on Wednesday). I thought I might give reorganizing the broom-cupboard a try, and see if some of the stuff that’s currently making the “nursery” look like a broom-cupboard can’t be fitted in there somehow. Maybe. This certainly needs to be done soonish as the nursery really needs to be painted before it can be used as such. Perhaps it’s just me, but bright blue (3300CC or thereabouts) doesn’t seem like the ideal wall colour for anyone with eyesight. And I do hope the baby has eyesight, after all, though in any case painting the room seems like a good idea as we’re going to have to spend time in there ourselves (at least I’m told newborns can’t actually do such things as go to bed and tidy their room without some help).

So that’s the plan.

I also have to do some scrapbooking, as I signed up to do a “scrapping relay” (more like a team scrap than a relay, but never mind) at to get a bit of a kick start after doing pretty much no scrapping whatsoever since May (which is not the way to get through these piles of photos). So far it’s been good fun, and I even managed some layouts that I’m more than happy with, but it does demand actually sitting down and doing something rather than just thinking about it. Actually, since I bet this is thrilling beyond belief, here are a couple of the pages I’ve completed so far: