i am a major geek

Kosmorama being well (they even made a profit this year, apparently) and truly over I suppose I ought to report back on the rest of the festival for my part. Well, not much to report, I’m afraid. I took Tuesday off as planned, Wednesday I got a text message to say the The Puffy Chair, which I really wanted to see, was postponed until 4 PM, which meant that I could actually make it, though having been in a sloooooow computer course all day with a vague headache I really didn’t feel up to it. However, I was bracing myself when I got another text message to say it had been cancelled. So I went home to feel sorry for myself instead.

Thursday I was back on duty at 4:30 PM, and managed to get assigned to the theatre showing Mad Hot Ballroom which is a sort of feel-good documentary. Hardly great cinematic art, but everyone seemed to leave the theatre with a smile on their face, which is an achievement in itself.

At that point I decided that since we were overstaffed and I wouldn’t be leaving anyone in the lurch by bailing out, I had better get out of there. I’d had a sort of wannabe headache coupled with a wannabe nausea since late afternoon, and curling up at home with a cup of tea and a book seemed like a better plan than staying for a movie I only half wanted to see.

And whaddaya know, Cavite won its category (Schizoid). Ah, well. The jury must have known something I didn’t.