But, as Theresa says, probably worth it. At least the world was very pretty when I got the bus to town this morning to finally pick out a pair of new specs at the opticians (it seems I’ve gone from -1.75 and -2.5 to -2.75 and -3.5 one the right and left eye respectively over the last three years – it’s becoming a problem). The trees were all covered in frost and I got stuck on the Pooh hum lines “And hoar-frost twinkles on the trees, how very readily one sees that these are whose – but whose are these?” (read the extended entry for the rest of the hum), which would have been less of a problem if I’d remembered the rest of the hum.

At the stop by the teacher’s college a guy dressed in a bright orange turban and matching robes with a bright blue padded jacket over got on the bus. His appearance cheered me up mightily, being such a splash of colour in a rather white, grey and black world.

Voice on the stereo: Halvdan Sivertsen – H