New year, new blog

What do you mean it’s not New Year’s yet?

I now have a working moveable type installation. Don’t, by the way, assume this mess was mt’s fault, it wasn’t, my tables were all in a hoo – whatever a hoo is – after the database move, I tried to fix it, but obviously didn’t, and in the process I think I probably made it worse. In any case, I decided I wanted a working blog soon and a working archive of past entries later, rather than the other way round. In the meantime, all the little voices and currently reading entries are available, though you can’t comment on them and you can’t search them, although I suspect it will look like you can, except you won’t get any results…

Well, you know, computers… What I really want for Christmas is a telepathic computer. One that realises that if I type _ and that makes no sense, whereas typing – would have made sense, – was probably what I was aiming for anyway.

That sort of thing.

Now to fix the menu/front page, so that y’all – whoever you are – can find this new blog…

2 thoughts to “New year, new blog”

  1. It’s all very well that I can find the new blog, but how do I find the little voices and currently reading, presuming that I wasn’t clever enough to anticipate this move and save the links somewhere?

  2. Go to the main page (the Home link on the top of the left-hand menu). The archives sort of work. I’m importing the little voices and reading entries, though, so eventually you’ll find them here (and on the bookblog, which I’ve not yet linked to anywhere – but it’s at

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