Robin needs

Silly meme, via. (With comments in parenthesis.)

Robin needs your help coming up with a hip/cool blog/domain name. (Uhm. No.)

A normal-sized adult robin needs about 40 calories a day. (Crikey!)

Robin needs to pay the ransom for King Richard’s release. (What? All on my own?)

Robin needs lots of cuddles and tender loving care. (Don’t we all?)

Robin needs to choose between a local college and an out-of-town college. (I seem to be leaving it a bit late.)

Robin Needs $600. (Certainly, I could find the use for that.)

Robin needs to find a new crush. (Eh. I’ll make do with the one I’ve got, thanks.)

Robin needs an address from Prolix. (Who or what is Prolix? And why do I need an address?)

Robin needs some help. (I think that’s pretty obvious, don’t you?)

Robin needs to go to school. (I don’t have time, as I also have to work.)

One of those was from this, which I will read at some point.

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