Oh dear, oh dear

So sorry. I seem to have gone dumb as an oyster lately. I will attempt to get a grip, but can’t guarantee anything.

Anyhow: So, what’s new?

Well, here in the lovely city of Trondheim I am no longer “between jobs”, I have employment, of sorts, at the University. It’s a temp job that may become permanent (now that would be nice), though at the moment the being that is the university seems to have its usual commitophobia and can’t seem to make any sorts of decisions at all. Apart from that the job is highly enjoyable.

On the home front, marriage is suiting me fine and we have a hole in our ceiling which enables us to see the upstairs neighbour’s kitchen, bathroom and broom-cupboard from our bathroom and to have conversations while one of us is in the bathroom and the other one in the kitchen. We can also tell which football team our neighbour roots for whenever the football is on, but that’s by the by. This hole is due to a leak in one of the pipes of said neighbour. Mind you, it’s better to have holes in the ceiling than in the floor – much less risk of falling through them for one – and according to the workmen they are about to tear up the whole floor of the bathroom upstairs, whereas we can, with a bit of strategically placed plastic to cover the holes, live pretty much as normal (which is not very normal, I dare say, but normal for us, anyway).