What am I doing?

I’m rereading O’Brian – about half-way through now. Once I’m done with that, I think I will probably join the worthy people at bookcrossing in an alphabeth challenge, though we are quite far out into 2005 ;) I will start a list here, anyhow, and then see how well I can do..

Though why I feel I need to add more books to my tbr pile, I couldn’t tell you.

On reflection, I’m adding those I’ve read this year – prior to taking on the challenge – to the list in order to have any chance of making it by New Year’s (it’s only giving me eight authors, so I’m not too ashamed of the “cheat”).

Those I’ve finished in italics, with date finished:

A –
B – Iain Banks – Raw Spirit (30 June) and William Boyd – Blue Afternoon (9 november)
C – Susanna Clarke – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (7 Oct.)
D –
E – Kerstin Ekman – Vargskinnet: Guds barmh

2 thoughts to “What am I doing?”

  1. I’m sure your forgot A – Douglas Adams (or do only books you read this year count) and R – JK Rowling (several times)

  2. The challenge is a book this year by an author I’ve never read anything by before, so Adams and Rowling don’t count…

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