Ok, so it’s four in the morning, I can’t sleep and so I figured I might as well have a look at that piece of code I left hanging yesterday in order to go gallavanting round IKEA with the boyfriend. Except I can’t get the VPN-connection to work, so no access to the office network and no file to work on. Damn. Damn.

I think maybe our tech-support guys would appreciate it if I refrained from phoning them now, don’t you?

I guess I’ll eat something (I’m starving) and try to sleep some more (I’m tired).

Update: It turns out they’ve locked the VPN between 11 pm and 7 am in order to prevent people unwittingly (or, I suppose, wittingly) interfering with the backups and such. I can get limited access if I promise to be careful, but somehow I think I agree with Stein’s first comment that I ought to have gone back to bed anyway.

Voices in my head: 98° and Stevie Wonder – True to Your Heart