December 2019
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Dear Santa

(copied from the old blog to enable revising…) another year has gone, at least very nearly, and still no peace on earth. And what’s with all these natural cathastrophies? I know I never got around to sending you a list last year, so the peace-issue might have slipped your mind, I guess. Anyway, I think […]

I hear those sleighbells

Ok, maybe not literally. Anyway, wishlist time again. Dear Santa, I think I’ve been pretty good this year, at least compared to a lot of other people. On the other hand, quite a lot of people have been quite as good as me and need Christmas presents more, hence see point 1 and 2. 1. […]

Who am I to eschew tradition?

Dear Santa, this year I am having a hard time coming up with wishes. Well, other than the regular first wish of peace on earth, that’s a given as we’re not – really – quite there yet. I’d still like an overlock, other than that I seem to have practically everything I need (or have […]

All I want for Christmas is… Uhm… What, really?

Well, I’ve certainly started thinking about Christmas, so I guess it’s about time. Dear Santa, Well, I got presents last year despite the fact that we told the lass you don’t exist and so on. In fact, she got presents too, so I’m guessing you’re ok with that, then? With the amount of attention you […]

Beginning to consider Christmas

I know it’s only October, but since I like to plan Christmas presents some time ahead, I like giving others the opportunity to do the same. So in the proud tradition, here we go: Dear Santa, I realise you may be a bit miffed that we’re teaching the lass that you don’t really exist, explaining that […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Well, it’s getting closer, anyway. So here we go: Dear Santa, 2009 has been pretty good. The shrub is no longer the leader of the (western?) world and I’m pretty happy with the way the elections turned out over here as well. Still, we’re hardly living in an ideal world yet, so there are a […]

Speaking of Christmas

(Because Christmas is all about traditions. 2002 2003 2005 2006  2007 Hm. Did I really miss 2004?) Dear Santa I think I’ve been reasonably good this year. I only yelled at someone for being an anti-social idiot once, which is very restrained of me, I think. Considering you came through on that permanent job thing from last year, I […]

You could see it coming

Well, if you’ve been around for a while, that is. Dear Santa, We are once more coming up to Christmas, and though I have pretty much everything I could wish for there are always one or two little odds and ends. Material girl, that’s me. Again, I think I’ve been reasonably good. I’ve probably annoyed […]

It’s that time of year (take 4, or something)

Continuing the tradition of, well, it’s been a few years now: Dear Santa, once again I think I’ve been reasonably good. I’ve only been nasty to people who were nasty to me first, and sometimes I haven’t even bothered being nasty back (I mean, why bother with people who are nasty at all?). I gave […]

Continuing the tradition

Dear Santa, I have been reasonably good this year, I think. I have not gone on a killing spree with a sawn off shotgun and I have not, despite what a lot of people would agree was adequate provocation, strangled, slapped or even yelled at anyone. I have visited my grandparents as often as I […]