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Six months and one birth later

No, I’m not dead, I’ve just been pregnant. I realise this may not really be a hindrance to blogging, but it seems it was for me. As of four days ago I am a mother of two, the lass has a little sister and we’re all doing well. And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that here on the blog (as always, if you’re friends/family and want to see pictures etc. get in touch for the url and a user name for the private blog).

Indirectly, another baby may well influence the contents of blog posts, though, as with the main purpose of this entry which is to show off a bit of sewing.

Every time I sit down to sew after a prolonged break, I curse myself for having forgotten just how relaxing and rejuvenating I find the activity. A few years ago I managed to attend a couple of whole day “workshops” where a few people from the forum at met up just to work on our own sewing projects for a whole day. I remember at that time pointing out to the husband that that sort of day – to me – is better than a spa break.

Anyway, some weeks ago I succumbed to sound medical advice and let the doctors write me off sick, and suddenly – well, after a week or so of doing basically nothing – I had energy enough to actually start preparing for the baby’s arrival. One thing I realised we’d need was some sort of middling warm outer wear, as the clothes we have from the lass are all meant for mid-winter temperatures, which are unlikely to manifest i September and October (I hope!). So I had a look through a stack of Ottobre magazines and found a pattern I liked, went off to Stoff og stil to find some suitable material, and got to work. Here is the result, sans model:


I adore both fabrics, and am rather pleased that I purchased a bit more than required for this pattern. I’ve already made a skirt for the lass in the striped babycord, and am contemplating sewing a Mei Tai with both fabrics in the panel somehow, I just need to check that I have something suitable for the straps in an appropriate colour.

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