November 2019
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News in briefs

…or shorts, if you like.

– If the parties that make up our coalition government were in agreement all the time they wouldn’t need to be three parties. Could the media please stop trying to make a mountain of a molehill? (No, I guess not.)

– If Ingrid Betancourt doesn’t want to talk about her experiences as a hostage, perhaps she ought to stop saying yes to appearing on talk shows? (Or: What the f was Grosvold supposed to ask her? “So, uhm, which celebrity would you most like to have sex with?”? No, I didn’t watch the show so I don’t actually have any idea of what I’m talking about.)

–  Best line ever on Nytt på nytt this evening and now I’ve forgotten what it was. I might have to watch it again online just to find out.

– Does anyone (outside his and her immediate circle of family/friends) actually, seriously care that Peter Nortug has a new girlfriend?

– NaBloPoMo didn’t quite work out for me, did it?

3 comments to News in briefs

  • Just coming by to say “hi” from SIH! And I am so impressed with your writing style, humor, and photography. Great photos. .. . . but yikes. . . what exactly is your header? It looks like a toothy, gummy, rather unnerving something or other????

  • Hi :) The header is a mushroom, or is it toadstool? Mildly poisonous, anyway, but kind of pretty in a fungusy kind of way ;)

  • Landolfo D'Aquino

    Ingrid Betancourt does want to discuss Colombian politics, worldwide terrorism, and Green Party politics. Her personal experience in the jungle is the most relevant conversational topic.

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