December 2019
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An admirable practice and, well, I might not get around to doing it regularly, but I can try, right?


  • Bjørn Sotland has been awarded Aschehougprisen 2011. I need to read some more of his books, I absolutely ADORE Raudt, blått og litt gult and Forteljinga om jakta på forteljinga.
  • The Guardian Books Blog has a transcript of a webchat with the invariably interesting Jasper Fforde (also linked from the bookblog).


The Interwebs

Genial idé

Så god at jeg burde kommet på den selv ;)

Lekker header, ikke sant?

Lekker header, ikke sant?

Med et lekent sinn har startet en bruktbutikkguideblogg, som ganske enkelt heter Bruktbutikkguiden. Genialt, spør du meg. Og, ja, jeg skal bidra med de jeg vet om så fort jeg får tatt noen bilder.


Is not something I do well. I’m terrible with money. Ok, not so terrible that I need a tv-team to sort things out for me (well, not yet, anyway), but bad enough. However, I have ambitions, and this is probably a good thing, and to inspire me and perhaps give me a few tips (or a lot of tips), I’ve been subscribing to Simple Mom on Bloglines.

Oh, yeah, I started reading blogs through Bloglines lately. Didn’t I tell you? I love it!

Anyway, Simple Mom is having a giveaway, and we all love giveaways, don’t we? This one is for an Epson do-dah that basically does everything except make the tea. Head over and have a look.

In addition to Bloglines, I also started using Delicious lately, and I can no longer remember whether that was prompted by Simple Mom or whether I suddenly remembered that I’d been meaning to check it out all by myself. In any case, it’s great. I keep bookmarking all sorts of stuff. One day I’lll actually use it to find things I’ve bookmarked, too. Kidding, I already do that. If you’re curious about what I’ve been bookmarking (lots of recipies and digilayouts, basically, as well as a general mish-mash of other stuff), you can find me here. If you use Delicious, too, please add me to your network and share your own finds with me.

Get the kleenex out

Then read this.

A typophile’s dream

Bembo’s Zoo. A stroke of genius and a brilliant way to celebrate World Book Day, methinks.

I am ecstatic

Not that I’m usually gloomy, but I just discovered that my favourite columnist has a blog! Yay! I mean, I used to go to the railway station here in Trondheim (and that’s out of my way, believe me) to buy The Sunday Times at horrendous price on Monday just to read her stuff. And here it is, all bright and shiny goodness just for me. (OK, not just for me, obviously, but who cares?)


The anti valentine’s day cards are back.



Optical illusions are fun, this one’s one of the best ones I’ve seen…


Last I heard, she was on a break (from the blog, I mean), but it seems Melissa is back :D

Library cataloguing software

Looking for software suitable for cataloguing the department library I found this article, linking to Koha. Brilliant.