I finished my first (I say first, because this is such an adorable pattern, I’m going to have to make more) monkey rattle just in time to give it away to Little N when we visited her last weekend. She is just three months old, and not quite grabbing things herself yet – almost there though, cause boy, did she want to grab! – but was quite clearly fascinated when someone else rattled the thing in front of her. As demonstrated by the lass in this picture:

20101128_aperangle1Ah, well, yes. Now, I wouldn’t really post pictures of Little N or the lass on the blog anyway, I guess you’d noticed? (If you know us and want to see pictures, let me know, we have a “secret” blog for such things.) However, due to something or other happening just as I shot this, this is actually the only action picture I have. Sorry.

Anyway, I did manage to get a picture of the finished rattle by itself, at least:

20101128_aperangle2It’s a little uneven and lumpy, but never mind. By the time it’s been chewed on for a few months no one will be able to tell anyway.

A reminder, if you want to make your own, the pattern is by Kaptein Biff and can be found here. And if you don’t want to make your own, the real deal can be found in her Epla shop. Accept no imitations (because of course imitations exist, don’t spend good money on one, though, get the real deal).

2 thoughts to “Aperangle”

  1. Søteste rangla jeg har sett på lenge ;)Jeg har nettopp begynt å hekle , har heklet en oppvaskklut ; HI HI , ikke mye å skryte av men det er jo en start ! Jeg blir tante igjen i mars, kanskje jeg skal prøve meg på en sånn. Takk for at du legger ved oppskrift :)

    Ha en fin dag i morgen :)
    Klem fra Janne

  2. heisann. Jeg har laget flaggerpus helt etter hodet, men det er i grunn bare å finne et kult bilde på nett, printe ut på overføringsark og stryke på lin stoff, alternativt applikere noen av detaljene og klippe rundt og sy vrange mot vrange.. Skal lage en trinn for trinn neste gang (en gang på nyåret ;) )

    Ha en strålende dag!

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