I wonder if the archiving works now? Discovered I had forgotten the s on the end of the folder name on the server, and what with computers being very apt to take things literally this naturally caused some problems.

Song in my head: For Once in My Life

Go away

I hate street musicians.

Not in a “I want them all to be hanged and then cut into little pieces and then jumped on” kind of way, just in a “could they please go and play somewhere where I don’t have to listen to them” kind of way.

Song in my head: I just called to say I love you (guess why)


My father turned up, and bought me drinks at The Dubliner and curry at Ma’raja, which is not to be sneezed at (odd expression, that). Very nice.

Tonight I’m attending my first board meeting of the Norwegian Malt Whisky Society (Norsk Maltwhisky Lag) – I was elected secretary at the annual meeting. Should be fun, though it occurs to me that with my ability to remember names (which is so neglible that “non-existent” is only slightly inaccurate) may be a bit of a handicap. Oh, well, good practice, I suppose.

Got my tax-form-thingy in the mail yesterday (basically a form that tells you what the government think you earned/owed/owned last year and how much they think you should pay them and how much you have paid them, with the conclusion being you owe them money or they owe you money). Nice sort of mail to get, as I paid too much last year (on purpose) and therefore they owe me money. A bit disappointing that the money won’t be paid out until late June (I should have known that), but still – the alternative is a bill, of course, and a bill of any size would be bad right now.

Song in my head: Don’t think twice, it’s all right


A woman in Kansas has given birth to sextuplets (sorry, Norwegian paper, cute pictures, though), thus increasing the population of the town she lives in from 12 to 18. Yikes. Remind me never to take fertility drugs, ever! Anyhoo, having a google to see if I could find a story about this in English, I found this parenting website with tips on parenting “multiples” – quintuplets and sextuplets. The net is indeed weird and wonderful. All this stuff (I hope) I will never need to know… Personally, I doubt if the mother, Sondra Headrick, will ever have time to surf the net and find the page.

Rude awakening

Well, hello! It’s Monday! Rise and shine!

Ugh. Well, at least I got up early owing to having forgotten to turn the volume of the stereo down last night, so that when it went off this morning it went off on full blast… I normally doze through 20 minutes or so of it, but not at full blast, so I had to get up and turn it off. Consequently I was at work by 7:50. Yawn. I think my father is in town for a meeting today, wonder whether he’ll have time to buy his favourite daughter a drink (or a cup of coffee) to celebrate her birthday (which is Wednesday, hint, hint!)? We’ll see. I am in a quandary over whether or not to “do” anything for my birthday. It’d be nice to see a few friends (if I can find any in this dismal town), on the other hand, I have a book and a few articles I need to read before Thursday’s lecture, and very few evenings left to do it in. I also have a half-bottle of Veuve Clicquot, not enough to share. Hm. I am beginning to sound like a hermit.

Should that worry me?

Song in my head: It’s only words (which was what went off at full blast this morning)


Channel hopping yesterday I came across a Norwegian journalist interviewing Shakira: “You’ve dedicated your last single to your boyfriend; what is it about?” Well, sheesh, it’s not exactly Kant, is it? Sometimes I wonder whether all these artists that we dismiss as stupid aren’t just victims of stupid journalists. How are you supposed to answer a question like that without sounding pretty lame? (“Well, see, I sing, like, “we’re meant to be together” and that means, like, that the two of us are meant for each other, like, y’know?”)

I love Parkinson (link to radio show – it’s the tv show I’m familiar with, but I think the concept is pretty similar). He’s a shining light of hope in an otherwise pretty dismal universe populated with journalists competing against each other to come up with the most meaningless question.

I got digital cable on Thursday. That is, I got the set-top-box-thingy, unfortunately they’re having technical problems, so it’s not working yet. It’s not working for anyone else in the whole of Oslo, apparently. Am I still paying for these 4, going on 14 days, I wonder? Probably, considering the company’s normal practices. The UPC customer service (using the term very lightly) is quickly becoming the favourite rant subject of a major part of the Norwegian population it seems, and in this case I’m quite happy to jump on the bandwagon. You’ll notice I didn’t provide a link. This does not mean they do not have a website, they do, but I can see no reason why you would ever want to visit it. In a way they’re doing me a favour in this case, as I have rather a lot I want to read as well as quite a bit of work round here (did you notice) that needs to be done. Like putting all the images I’ve spent hours, days, weeks (ok, exaggerating now) scanning someplace where you can actually see them…


Just realised the horizon on the picture of the day is a bit tilted. Oops. But then, aren’t we all? Oh, and since the gallery isn’t up yet, that link to more pictures is a red herring. Well, I can’t be bothered to fix that now.