October 2019
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Friendship bag swap, bag sent and received

I was a bit optimistic earlier this autumn and signed up for a couple of swaps. Well, let’s say I haven’t been able to stick to the deadlines completely. I am contrite, and consistently a couple of days late. I must resist the temptation to sign up for more swaps in the near future. Anyway, one of the swaps was the Friendship Bag Swap hosted by the Quilting Gallery.

Friendship Bag Swap

Here is the one I made:

Friendship bag swap - bag with goodies

I used the pattern provided by Rachel Griffith, because I’m lazy and because it really is quite a nice pattern, and I was rather pleased with the result. The bag is wee, cute as hell. I think I’ll have to make another one to keep.

Here’s a detail:

Friendship bag swap - detail

And here it is all wrapped and ready to go :)

Friendship bag swap - wrapped and ready

A few days after I sent mine off, I received this little gem in the post:

Friendship bag swap - Mine, all mine!

Made by the wonderful Maya.

It came with goodies galore, too:

Friendship bag swap - my present

And now to send an apology to my next swap recipient, I’ll be late…

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