Smakebit på søndag: Pudder? Pudder!

pudderHar såvidt begynt på Pudder? Pudder! eller: Sleeping Beauty in the Valley of the Wild, Wild Pigs av Tor Åge Bringsværd i dag. Så langt er den mest forvirrende, men det er ikke så uvanlig fra den kanten, det blir nok bedre.

Da vi hadde passert Holmenkollen tre ganger, gikk jeg av. Jeg mener: Det er grenser for hvor mange ganger det er morsomt å se en hoppbakke. Jeg mener: Uansett hvor gammel den er. Og naturligvis ville det vært morsomt om det hadde vært vinter – i hvert fall én av gangene – men du kan ikke få med deg alt heller.

(s. 6)

Flere smakebiter finner du hos Flukten fra virkeligheten.

All autumn

I have been slacking. In my reading, yes, but obviously even more so in my blogging. Anyway, here is a – I believe – complete list of what’s been “going down”:

Sahara – Michael Palin
Pretty good. Informative, evocative, serious and occasionally laugh-out-loud-funny. Reminded me that I need to get hold of the follow-up to Travels with a Tangerine.

The Unbearable Lightness of Scones – Alexander McCall Smith
Quite delightful, as always.

The Tales of Beadle the Bard – J. K. Rowling
The best part being Dumbledore’s notes, and the wonderful confusion between Rowling’s footnotes and Dumbledore’s, that is: Between reality and fiction. You’d probably need to have read the whole Harry Potter series to really enjoy this (and if you’re into metaliterature as well, you’re in luck), but since that includes everyone and his grandma, I guess The Children’s High Level Group will see a nice profit, and nothing could be better. I had a cracking good time reading this, and managed to amaze my colleague by finishing most of the book during a one-hour flight. Yeah, impressive, I know. *rolls eyes*

Freedom’s Landing – Anne McCaffrey
As mentioned here, I got rather annoyed with McCaffrey for using “specimen” for “species” (twice!) and for including a couple of prejudiced, half-witted so-and-sos in order to introduce some conflict. I realise the second gripe is unfair, a conflictless book would, after all, be pretty boring, and so I put that down to my ongoing disagreement with Fiction in general. I rather enjoyed most of the book, and am looking forward to reading the sequel when Fiction and I are reconciled in the hopefully not too distant future.

Nød – Are Kalvø
In truth I only read about 50 pages, then started skimming and then I read the last few pages. I don’t know if it’s Kalvø or me, but it all seemed pretty pointless and tiresome.

Which brings the total tally this year to 45, methinks, and unless I am to fall short of the rather wimpy goal of one-book-a-week (oh, horror) I really need to get in some serious reading time over the holidays. We’ll see.