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I don’t really follow any vloggers, I very occasionally follow a link to one and watch half a video, but it’s not a format that I enjoy much. However, that does not mean that vloggers might not have some very good ideas. Like Gintare, at Book Roast, who apparently organised a Harry Potter themed readathon in April: The OWLs Exam Readathon. I found out about it now because Liz at Travel in Retrospect is planning on resitting her exams in July. And there is a NEWT Readathon planned for August, but it would obviously not do to sit your NEWTs before having passed your OWLs.

So I’m contemplating joining. The idea is pretty straightforward: There are twelve subjects and for each a task is given that fits the theme, such as «Read a book with a symbol on the cover» for Ancient Runes. If you «read and pass» at least five OWLs you get an O for «Outstanding», and to get a pass level (A for «Acceptable») you need only pass two. That, at least, should be doable. You can peruse the full instructions yourself, but here are all the subjects and their set tasks:

Ancient Runes: Read a book with a symbol on the cover

Arithmancy: Read a book with a number on the cover or in the title: Lilla Berlin 5 by Ellen Ekman

Astronomy: Read a science fiction read

Care of Magical Creatures: Read a book that includes magical creatures OR features a magical creature on the cover: The Field Guide (Spiderwick Chronicles 1) by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

Charms: Read a fantasy book: Mort by Terry Pratchett

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Read a book featuring/about secret societies/clubs: Sourcery by Terry Pratchett (ok, that’s stretching it a bit, but Unseen University is certainly closed and what goes on in there is a secret to those outside).

Divination: Read a book featuring prophecies

Herbology: Read a book with a nature related word in the title

History of Magic: Read a historical fiction

Muggle Studies: Read a muggle non-fiction book: Grensen by Erika Fatland.

Potions: Read a book about/with alchemy: Chasing the Dram by Rachel McCormack (distilling is alchemy, right?)

Transfiguration: Read a book that deals with transfiguration/shapeshifting or similar theme OR a book with a cat on the cover

Update at the start of August: I’ve added the relevant titles. I didn’t actually set out to read anything particular for this challenge, but I’ve managed to tick off a few subjects anyway. So that’s OWLS in Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Muggle Studies and Potions. So I juuust scraped an Outstanding. Now for the NEWTS in August. That’s going to be a lot harder… Separate post to follow when I’ve thought about my TBR.

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