Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Well, I’ve finished it. We popped down to one of the shops that started selling the book at 00:01 UK time, meaning 01:01 local time last night and I read about 35 pages while queueing, and then I’ve had most of today (it’s now half past four in the afternoon), and I’ve finished.

What can I say? Well, I’ll tell you this: I’m mightily glad the next on is the last one because getting to the end of the book and knowing you have to wait another year or two for the next installment is not getting easier.

I’m not going to reveal any major plot details obviously, I assume that if you’re interested you’re alrady reading it yourself. Structurally, I think THBP is better than Order of the Phoenix was. I’ve been doing some rereading – started a bit late so I only got half way into OtP last night – and though the basic plot still seems good it also seems to contain rather a lot of waffle. I wonder if Rowling’s just got a grip herself (THBP is shorter, after all) or whether she’s finally gotten an editor who does their job properly. Anyway, this one reads much better. I am also chuffed at having figured out the identity of the half-blood prince pretty early on. Which is not to say I’m a happy bunny, because I am not. But you’ll have to read it yourself to find out why because I’m not telling…

Now, if someone could just invent a time-travelling machine so I could pop a few years into the future and get hold of the seventh volume, all would be good (or at least better, all would not be good, as such, but you know…)