Through Wolf’s Eyes

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Oops, I did it again. That is, I started reading a series before the last one is published… I picked Through Wolf’s Eyes up at Outlands (very dangerous store to walk into by the Oslo Central Station), because it looked somewhat intriguing. And it was. So I got Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart and The Dragon of Despair as well, which I’ve now finished. The next book seems to be due out in hardcover in November. Why do I never learn. Oh well, luckily these aren’t so good that it will be a major heartache to have to wait (all major heartaches being currently reserved for Harry Potter and not much energy left over).

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not bad (if they were I wouldn’t have read three in quick succession, would I?). The main character, Firekeeper, has been raised by wolves and as such thinks of herself as one. I’m sure this is not a particularly original springboard for a fantasy novel, but Lindskold makes it work and I’m not complaining. In fact, one of the things that fascinated me in the first book was the conflict between the behaviour Firekeeper expects (the wolf-like) and the one people tend to display. This, naturally, gets less focus as the series continues and Firekeeper becomes more used to humans, and to a certain extent I suppose that’s why my interest vaned a bit towards the end of the third book. Which does not mean I’m not looking forward to book four. I just think I might actually be able to wait for the paperback…