The Tawny Man

In which we get to read Robin Hobb’s latest trilogy at last.

foolserrand.jpg goldenfool.jpg foolsfate.jpg

Shortly after I finished Cullimore, the last book in Robin Hobb‘s trilogy The Tawny Man – Fool’s Fate – arrived, and I could finally start reading it. I’ve been pre-ordering the books from amazon as they’ve been published, which means I’ve had the first one – Fool’s Errand – since November 2001 and the second – The Golden Fool – since November last year. I learnt my lesson when reading The Liveship Traders trilogy, though – starting on a Robin Hobb trilogy without having all the books available is (emphatically) not a Good Idea.

Normally, I’d have devoured this series in a weekend or so, but I seem to have had little time to read of late (a lot of it being a certain person‘s fault), so it’s taken me about a month to finish all three books.

And how were they? Well, brilliant, of course.

We’re back to Fitz, the hero of the Assassin trilogy – and I was pleased to have some of my suspicions regarding links between the Assassin and Liveship Traders plots confirmed (especially regarding the time-scale and the identity of Amber, my theories having been loudly disputed by another Hobb-fan recently – I like being right…). Further links also become apparent now, and I have to hope Hobb keeps going and lets us know what happens next. Fitz, and the Fool, are off to save the world again – this time with less regard for the Farseer reign, though that cannot be ignored, obviously. Hobb still writes with the same flair for creating characters – even very minor ones – that become real people while you read.

So, when’s the next book coming?