In which Robin shouts: Oh, not again!


Why do these people keep doing this to me? Why do they keep spoiling a perfectly good read with a crappy ending? Why?

I like Marian Keyes’ books, I really do. And getting to know more of the Walsh’s – though I must admit to not realising Watermelon and Rachel’s Holiday were connected until bits of Angels started sounding very familiar – is a good thing. However, that is no sort of excuse for this behaviour. Having a «happy ending» that involves forgiving adultery is a bit alien to me (it’s what Pilcher did, too, in Starting Over), but at least I can accept that people think differently on that subject, but from a narrative structure point of view you can’t have a happy ending which involves someone the reader never has a chance to get to know (also alarmingly like Pilcher), I’m sorry, you just can’t.

Get a grip, Keyes (and Pilcher).

(To be left in London, I’m not carrying this home for love or money.)